Learn More About Common Sleep Disorders

sleep disorders

photo: Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

Think a sleep disorder may be negatively impacting your day to day life? Get a rundown of seven possible issues...

Sleep disorders are on the rise. Is quality sleep proving elusive night after night? Spending your daytime hours yawning and feeling drained? A sleep disorder may be to blame. With so many solutions available nowadays, there’s no need to push aside and ignore your tiredness.

Common Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea

This disruptive condition can be broken up into two categories: obstructive sleep apnea (soft tissue located in the back of the throat collapses and blocks the airway) and central sleep apnea (the brain does not signal your body to breathe). The signs connected with sleep apnea are: daytime sleepiness due to frequent waking, increased moodiness, suffering from headaches upon waking, unexplained weight gain, and male impotence. If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, please seek immediate medical attention.

Let’s examine more possible issues and their symptoms here!