Raisin’ Your Energy Level, Naturally

energy level

photo: Veer

We all know the phrase, "You are what you eat." And it's 100% true! Diet has a major impact on your energy level and overall health. Did you know that raisins are a terrific source of nutrients and energy? Studies have shown that raisins provide similar energy benefits as pricey sports gels and chews.

Raisins are versatile, easy to transport, and could be considered “magical.” Why? These little bits of energy-boosting goodness are packed with antioxidants, low in sodium, and contain zero cholesterol! Consider Sun-Maid raisins to be your new healthy living buddies!

How Are Raisins Produced? 

The process of making Sun-Maid’s famous raisins requires plump, flavor-rich Thompson Seedless grapes and an extended period of drying in California’s sunny San Joaquin Valley. It takes about 4 ½ pounds of fresh grapes to make one pound of raisins! Ripe grapes are picked and allowed to dry outdoors in the hot September weather.

During drying, the hot sun heats up the vineyard floor, producing intense ground temperatures that caramelize the sugars in the grapes enough to give California raisins their distinctive flavor and color. No additives or preservatives are used in this process and raisins are naturally gluten-free, so you can feel good about enjoying these rustic delights!

Raisin Recipes to Power Your Body! 

Prepping for a trip to the gym, a jog around town, or a hike into the hills? Be sure to fuel your body right with these delectable treats! From raisin-apple granola to portable breakfast bars, Sun-Maid has propelling your exercise routine covered! Need a post-workout lift? How does a fresh Fresno-Valley Zucchini and Raisin Pizza or Balsamic-Raisin Sauce for roasted vegetable sound? These healthy and simple recipes are sure to be a big hit and help you reach your fitness goals!

Raisin’ the Bar

So many great fitness events are coming up fast! From marathons to endurance challenges, a great variety is represented! Put yourself (plus your awesome raisin energy) to the test and learn how to participate in these exciting nationwide events here!